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Lucid or Bust

A little over a month ago a lovely woman wrote to me to tell me she listens to the podcast and finds it inspiring. I get those emails from time to time and I love getting them, it’s a big part of why I’m doing the podcast. Some emails are just the “I simply had write in and to tell you how much I enjoy the podcast”, some are that plus a question or a comment about lucid dreams, and every so often I get the “hey, I wanted to let you know about my new site/blog/book/fill_in_the_blank about lucid dreaming, what do you think?”.
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A Potential Alternative to Galantamine: Calea Zacatechichi

Ready for some lucid dreaming heresy? I don’t like Galantamine. It’s not that I doubt that it increases the chances of becoming lucid, I’ve had considerable success with it and scientific explanations as to how it functions are robust and plausible. It’s just a poor fit for me. I have a hard time falling back asleep after taking it, and the odd sensation of cats jumping on my mattress that it can produce certainly doesn’t help. read more…

Speaking at the Consciousness Hacking meetups Dec 3rd & 8th

I am going to be a part of 2 upcoming events, in the Consciousness Hacking meetups in Los Angeles on Dec 3rd and Palo Alto Dec 8th.

I am giving a presentation about The Future of Lucid Dreaming at the LA CH meetup on Dec 3rd in Pasadena. Info and registration here:

I am also doing a panel on Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Technology for Dreaming at the CH Palo Alto meetup on Dec 8th together with Jennifer Dumpert and Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.:

The Future of Lucid Dreaming

Its unclear when the phenomena of Lucid Dreaming started in human history but since lucid dreaming often occurs naturally (mostly in childhood), it is very likely it may have existed as ever since regular dreams have emerged in our biological and mental evolution. But we do know that lucid dreaming as a practice, has existed for thousands of years. Dream Yoga, a Tibetan Buddhist practice, has mentions going back to around 1000 BC and is still taught today in several lineages. There are mentions of awareness in dreams throughout the centuries in the west by various philosophers and writers, and eventually, two experiments in 1975 and 1978 have provided proof and it was finally accepted by the scientific community as well. The history of dream lucidity can help us both in practice and in research to understand this phenomena better. read more…

The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Movie List

I thought to put together a list of all movies about or related to Lucid Dreams. These are in no particular order but are divided to fiction and documentaries. I will continuously add to this list as I find or learn about more movies and will add some descriptions or comments as I watch more of these.

I wanted to add links to where these are available to view online but that keeps changing and it depends where you are in the world. For now, I am linking to IMDB.

Here we go…

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Luci – A New Lucid Dreaming Device Based on Brainwaves

Update: After several backers have raised their concerns about the Luci and discovered that the prototype images provided were all photoshopped, they demanded proof that a prototype exists. The campaign creators have failed to provide any additional photos or video proving the device exists and gave only a few excuses as to why they cannot provide more evidence. Suspicion grew and backers began retracting their pledges. Shortly before the campaign ended the creators canceled it claiming they received backing from elsewhere and no longer need kickstarter backers money. You can read more about it in this article by the Wall Street Journal.

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My First Lucid Nightmare

Growing up I had plenty of nightmares. In fact for me, after watching a scary movie at the age of 7, nightmares became a nightly thing for a very long time.

Luckily enough my second lucid dream during childhood came at the perfect moment to save me from a monster and at the same time add to the realization of how powerful lucidity can be.

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Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask Review

Update 10/5/2014

Since the writing of this I have had more time with the Remee as well as having a chance to read feedback from many other who have tried it since it shipped.

The mask, despite being comfortable to wear, was not easy for me to get used to during sleep (as it turns out a regular sleep mask isn’t either in my case) so it was hard for me to test it over many nights. In addition to that, the function of the light signal was not easy to time to my REM phases, although it was slightly easier with the nap mode if I activate during the night after waking up. It seems that many users have had similar issues and have not achieved much success with the Remee.

Part of the problem, other than the masks lack of ability to detect REM, is that it came with no guidance other than the operation manual, and for beginners and novices this was not sufficient to help them achieve lucidity. This mask is an aid and it can work but it still requires trial and error as well as persistence. Despite not being perfect, this device is good as an entry level lucid dreaming mask with a price more people can afford, making it a viable option for many.

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My First Lucid Dream

For my first post I thought I’d share my first lucid dream and where my journey into consciousness in dreams started.

This dream was unique in more than just becoming aware that I was dreaming for the first time, it also had an element I rarely have in my dreams…. Music!
This was a short dream and I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time so my dream recall was not so good yet, but this brief but powerful dream stayed in my memory to this day. read more…

The Simplest Way to Start Lucid Dreaming

There is a lot to say about lucid dreaming but as a beginner’s guide I thought to keep it to the true basics.
Most beginner guides I came across do the same thing. Most of them go through all the methods that Stephen LaBerg has come up with in his years of research and detail them one by one (which include Reality Checks/Tests, WBTB, MILD, WILD, and many more). But as valuable and groundbreaking as they are, I found them to be overwhelming to most people who are new to lucid dreaming practices. Some of these techniques require disrupting your sleep, auto-suggestion, repeatedly checking if you are sleeping throughout the day and other, not so simple, methods. I will expend on those later on in blog articles, but I believe those are not the place to start with if you have limited time or don’t have the mindfulness/ability to use them. read more…

What is Lucid Dreaming?

It’s simple. Lucid Dreaming is knowing that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. It is having a dream when all of the sudden you become aware of the fact that you are in a dream. You snap out of that trance, out of that strange effect that makes you forget you are really in your bed, and wake you into the realization that you are indeed sleeping and that you are in a dream, and yet you do not wake up from that dream, you stay in a dream state exactly where you were a moment ago, only with the clarity that none of it is real while it’s all still going on.

This, if you have never experienced it before, is an astounding experience to say the least and no words can describe it if you had not had the exquisite pleasure of dream lucidity. read more…

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