Update: After several backers have raised their concerns about the Luci and discovered that the prototype images provided were all photoshopped, they demanded proof that a prototype exists. The campaign creators have failed to provide any additional photos or video proving the device exists and gave only a few excuses as to why they cannot provide more evidence. Suspicion grew and backers began retracting their pledges. Shortly before the campaign ended the creators canceled it claiming they received backing from elsewhere and no longer need kickstarter backers money. You can read more about it in this article by the Wall Street Journal.

Another Kickstarter Campaign for a Lucid Dreaming device has been launched.

This device is a simple head band with an EEG sensor that is intended to detect brain waves while you sleep and alert you via earphones while you are dreaming, when your brain is producing theta waves, indicating REM sleep.

Watch their video (which happens to include a piece of my Remee Review video) and read my thought below it:

This concept is a great one, as it tries to rely on detecting brain waves to indicate REM sleep (as opposed to trying to time it or detect actual eye movement during sleep). However my concern is that an auditory cue for attaining lucidity might wake you up just as often as a visual cue (like in the remee). This can work but will likely take practice and adjusting to, like any other device.

This is also not the first of this kind of devices. And these experimenters are saying that with an even more accurate, multi-sensor band, it is still very difficult to trigger lucidity reliably, which makes me question the Luci’s claimed success rate.

However, I like to remain hopeful. These efforts, assuming they are not purposefully misleading, should be applauded and encouraged. At the very least these successful crowdfunding campaigns show the high demand for a reliable Lucid Dreaming device. I have very little doubt that sooner or later someone will be able to create one.


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