For my first post I thought I’d share my first lucid dream and where my journey into consciousness in dreams started.

This dream was unique in more than just becoming aware that I was dreaming for the first time, it also had an element I rarely have in my dreams…. Music!
This was a short dream and I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time so my dream recall was not so good yet, but this brief but powerful dream stayed in my memory to this day.

I was dreaming I was in the playground in school. The sort of jungle gym play structure we had was now on the area where we usually play soccer on and my cousin was swinging on the swing, and I was suddenly flying in between the posts, ladders and slides of the structure, around and around while in the background was playing an old song I knew. I then realized that everything I am seeing is a dream, I knew I am in my bed sleeping and that everything that is happening is all in my dream.

I was filled with instant exhilaration and wonder. I was amazed that this could happen. I only ever consciously reflected  on my dreams after waking up from them, looking back and trying to make out the fuzzy details of a faint memory. and here I was, seeing it live in living color (and sound) while it was all going on. I didn’t control the dream, I was just observing while my body is still flying around, though I couldn’t stop smiling. I very quickly got so excited by this occurrence that I woke up.

I would note that in many dreams to follow where lucidity would occur naturally, it would be in dreams where I am flying and lucidity would trigger while I’m in mid flight. I do not believe that this is a coincidence, nor is it that the first thing most people do right after becoming lucid is take off and soar right away. I think flying in a dream is related to freedom and expansion of  our consciousness.

I didn’t have my next lucid dream until a few years later but knowing this can happen made going to sleep a much more alluring proposition.

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