As a kid I used to have many lucid dreams before ever knowing what a Lucid Dream really is. I thought it was natural, and though it wasn’t very common, it was one of my favorite experiences. Beyond the exhilaration of lucidity or the experience of flying, for a kid with a lot of nightmares lucidity proven to be very useful in dealing with the horror of bad dreams.

Years later when discovering all the research and science behind lucid dreaming while at the same time picking up a meditation practice I started to realize that is much more to lucid dreams than the crazy fun experience of controlling your dreams. When I learned that Buddhist monks have been cultivating lucid dreaming for over 2000 years in a practice called Dream Yoga, I found out there seemed to be an aspect to the practice that gives you insight and access to your psyche and subconscious, and when taken to the farther reaches of it’s potential, lucid dreams can act as a window into the nature of consciousness itself.

I’ve created this website as an active journal for my journey and hopefully a guide for anyone who wishes to learn how to lucid dream and join me on this path of discovery.


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