As someone who loves listening to podcasts and does so on a daily basis, I searched for a podcast about Lucid Dreaming and when I didn’t find one (Update: this didn’t come up the first time, but I now discovered the Dream Views podcast – check it out), the idea started brewing that perhaps I should try to record one. This is that attempt.

I consider this an experiment, just like the blog, in diving further into my own Lucid Dreaming practice as well as my desire to share it with others and basically open up my experience so others might benefit from it and that I may benefit from them when these efforts turn into a discussion and a conversion. That is the main idea behind it.

I will do my best to make this a quality podcast as well as an entertaining one. Lucid Dreams is a fascinating topic and should be talk about in a such a way. I hope you enjoy it and find it interesting.

Feedback, of all sorts, is always welcome!

Sweet & Lucid Dreams…

Show notes:

  • Introduction, intention and future plan/hopes for the podcast
  • Dream Journal as a core base of Lucid Dreaming podcast
  • My article about Dream Journals

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