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Episode 24 – Philosopher Evan Thompson

In this episode I interview philosopher Evan Thompson, who is a Professor of Philosophy at University of British Columbia, mainly in the fields of cognitive science, philosophy of mind and Phenomenology. He is the author of the book Waking, Dreaming, Being: Self and Consciousness in Neuroscience, Meditation, and Philosophy. We discuss a wide range of topics, the aspects of consciousness in sleep and lucid dreaming, various scientific studies, meditation as well as get into some geeky philosophical pondering on dreams and the nature of the sense of self.

Show Notes:

Episode 23 – Dr. Kristen LaMarca

In this episode I interview Dr. Kristen LaMarca, an associate at the Lucidity Institute and a clinical psychologist who incorporates lucid dreaming in her practice. We discuss a variety of topics including research, psychology and supplements.

Show Notes:

Speaking at the Consciousness Hacking meetups Dec 3rd & 8th

Speaking at the Consciousness Hacking meetups Dec 3rd & 8th

I am going to be a part of 2 upcoming events, in the Consciousness Hacking meetups in Los Angeles on Dec 3rd and Palo Alto Dec 8th.

I am giving a presentation about The Future of Lucid Dreaming at the LA CH meetup on Dec 3rd in Pasadena. Info and registration here:

I am also doing a panel on Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Technology for Dreaming at the CH Palo Alto meetup on Dec 8th together with Jennifer Dumpert and Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.:

Episode 22 – Sleepless in Los Angeles

In this episode I confess to my deteriorating sleep quality and it’s cascading affect on my dreaming practice. Sleep trackers rant, plus update on the gadget prototype.

Show Notes:

Episode 21 – Prerequisite for a Dream

In this mishmash of an episode I give some updates on my latest adventures, look at the latest technology and kickstarters for sleep gadgets and talk about the importance of sleep for lucid dreaming as well of general health and wellbeing.

Show Notes:

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